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HotTips Wall Adapter with 2 USB Ports

This convenient HotTips wall adapter with dual USB ports can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and much more. Save space by enhancing your wall sockets with 2 USB ports without losing your socket plug. There's even a slot to hold your phone while charging. With 2 USB ports on the side, a charge indicator light, and a device cradle, this mini power station has it all!

  • Sold in a display of 9 wall chargers
  • Assorted colors: green, black
  • 12Watt/2.4Amp Sharepower Dual USB ports
  • Standard AC outlet power
  • Device cradle notch holds phone while charging!
Vendor: HotTips
SKU: 203357
UPC: 10024291223396
Weight: 0.06 lb

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