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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $35!
Gift for Occasions | Giftscircle

Gift for Occasions

No pressure here: Selecting gifts for all types of special occasions 

Special occasions are supposed to be happy times, but let’s face it; sometimes they can be stressful, too. Expectations are high and the pressure is on to find an affordable, yet meaningful gift that commemorates this special day perfectly

At Giftscircle, we have a wide variety of gift ideas for all occasions, including holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and more. When you’re stumped for ideas, turn to this list for inspiration:

◼ Housewarming. Welcome friends and family into their new home with a practical, yet fun gift that makes them think about you every time they use it. Lemon stacking measuring cups is practical and whimsical. So is a humorous dish towel or a ceramic happiness jar with cards so homeowners can jot down life’s small memories that happen in their home so they can remember them later

◼ Mother’s Day. Help the moms in your life find inner peace and serenity with essential oils and diffusers

◼ Father’s Day. Most men love electronics so a new charger, phone case, screen protector or car holders is sure to be appreciated

New baby. Plush blankets and soft swaddlers make sweet presents for a new arrival. Some of our girl-themed swaddlers also include a matching headband for adorable photos

Child’s birthday. Kids want something fun and parents prefer educational (and non-noisy) gifts, so indulge them both with arts and crafts supplies, children’s books, puzzles and building toys

Weddings and anniversaries. Picture frames are the ideal gift because new memories can shared and past events remembered over and over again. It’s a present guaranteed to produce smiles

Valentine’s Day. Candles are perfect for a romantic evening anytime

Teen birthday. Diaries and journals are great for recording special memories

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