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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $35!

Callicrate Smart Bander Bloodless Castrator 1 Each

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SKU : 225824

UPC: 633508021002

Brand : Callicrate

Type : Pet Care Accessories

Weight : 6.41 lb

Product Description

Eliminates the stress and complication of elastrator rings and surgical castration, while allowing for increased weight gain of bulls. Offers uninterrupted feed intake and conversion, and reduces incidence of water belly. Quick and easy to use, works on any size animal; especially ideal for animals 300+ lbs. Features built-in-brains that sense the proper tightness every time, regardless of operator or size of the animal. Special lubrication reduces friction and abrasions; assures uniform stretching around scrotum for complete ligation. Patented, no-slip LOCKTIGHT CLIP holds the necessary loop tension and combines with the extra strength latex, giving immediate and total occlusion (blocking of the blood vessels), which means less pain and stress. Also helps eliminate swelling, resulting in faster scrotal drop time. Recommended by veterinarians, animal handling specialists and cattle producers. Includes bander, cutter, 5 yellow loops and carrying case. Tetanus Toxoid should be used unless directed otherwise by veterinarian. Replacement Bands, Cord and Cutter sold separately.

Product Benefits

Humane And Effective Bloodless Castration Method. Helps Reduce Swelling And Won't Leave Scar Tissue. Quick And Easy To Use, 10-15 Seconds Per Animal. Great For Horn Removal, Too. For Cattle, Goats, Sheep And Yaks.