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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $35!
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Baby Accessories

As the expense of childcare took its toll on many families, one or other parent may have opted to be a full time home maker. Running a home and taking care of a child is a full time job.  A worthy, thankless, rewarding and tiring role, which has as many down sides as it has upsides.   Alongside this time consuming and responsible job, there is the added worry that returning to the work force might be problematic.   

Multi -tasking: Parents are the masters of multitasking. They regularly complete household tasks with a child on the hip, a teacher on the phone and a toddler on the loo.   Not only can the super-parent successfully complete multiple tasks.

Extremely organised:  A household needs to run like a military operation if everyone is to get to their daily jobs, schools, sports events etc. with the right clean clothes, money and lunches.  Skilled schedulers, they can the time shared lifts, appointments and play dates with ease. 

Excels under Pressure:  The stay at home parent is competent at operating at a high level of energy, despite very little sleep, a cranky baby, a wild toddler and a sick dog. There is no choice really.

Negotiating Ninja:  Every parent becomes an expert in trade negotiations and compromise.  Just try and get an argumentative four year old into bed at sleep time.  Negotiating techniques are honed over the months and all homemakers become adept in the use of diversion and distraction to gain an advantage and minimize ongoing arbitration 

Decisiveness:  Parents are accomplished in the art of making snap decisions and in problem solving on the spot.  Decisions made in the moment can avoid difficult situations (let’s stop the child eating coal, there is no real merit in it.) or may enhance lifestyle).

Maturity:  Oh yes, you are not the person you were in those heady, crazy pre-children days. The new level of maturity can only be a bonus to any perspective employer. In fact, it’s a wonder that previous employers put up with singletons and their clubbing hangovers and relationship melt-downs.    The back to work parent is just happy to have a relatively organised adult space to work in.  Maturity rocks.

Commitment: Total commitment to the team has already been proven. Anyone who took stay at home option as the best solution for your family has already shown their level of commitment. The same level of loyalty to your new job is still in your make-up.

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